"You Want Smoke 2" featuring; Young Buck, Smit D, RBX. The single is produced by Hardattak who collaborated with Platinum Music Producer Big Swift.


Hardattak’s Biography

Hardattak is a music producer and songwriter that have always been a music-enthusiast and soaking-up of the music and it’s producers. He established close relationships with Platinum and Indie Music producers long before ever banging out a track of his own. 

Hardattak was encouraged by two music associates to start making beats. Shortly after, he purchased a Maschine MKIII Drum Machine from Guitar Center and immediately began learning how to make beats. Within 6 months, BeatDown had already produced over 300 beats, thus averaging around 50 beats a month. The Sr. Engineer from Barron Studios in Houston known as Jason is quoted saying; “He is a fucking machine!”

Even without any major producer credits to brag about, BeatDown has a diverse catalog of music ranging from Pop/R&B, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap and a “little” Trap. 

He is currently producing and recording a series of albums featuring some of his favorite unsigned recording artists, that will be released through his Digital Distribution Deal with France-based digital aggregator Believe Digital. 

He credits his stepfather for planting that “music seed” in him that wouldn’t germinate til a very long-time later in his life. During his early childhood, Roderick’s stepfather bought him a red juke box and gave him a bag filled with 45 rpm records. The juke box was inside of his bedroom closet and like a DJ, this is where he would play Old School R&B music like “I Do Love You” by GQ, “”I Call Your Name” by Switch, and “Take Your Time (Do It Right) by S.O.S. Band to name a few.

Music Producer Influences:

Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, Rick Rubin, Scott Storch, Rodney Jerkins, N.O. Joe, Big Swift, DJ DMD, Blue Note, Mike B,  M2G, Sup Dave Johnson, and Richard Kler.

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