"You Want Smoke 2" featuring; Young Buck, Smit D, RBX. The single is produced by Hardattak who collaborated with Platinum Music Producer Big Swift.


Yeah!, I’m Back Up On It…

Yeah is the new single released by Hardattak, who is a member of the group Major League CG’s. The release date for his new single is on August 18, 2023 and will be available for Pre-order on the 11th of that same month.

The title Yeah derived from a sample that I had of Dr, Dre’s voice. So whilst I was developing the beat, I had Dr. Dre sampled in the hook until someone close to me told me to use my own voice.

I was just feeling the urge to make a beat one day and was really not that serious about what I was making. I was just trying to have fun and experiment with beat-making.

I’m really just trying to build on my rap skills in this song. Learning how to say shit a certain way by focusing on my rhyme pattern.

I’m also trying to motivate artists that if you fell off, then get back to writing and feeling inspired about your music. And to the artists that think they are up and can’t fall off their pedestal, be careful!

The song was written and produced by Hardattak. Yeah is one of many songs from Hardattak’s new album. It took me a couple of days to produce and record vocals to this record.

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